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Toshiba apology interview !! What is Tanaka Hisao president like? career • University graduate • club • father occupation!? | 謝罪会見どっとこむ
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Toshiba apology interview !! What is Tanaka Hisao president like? career • University graduate • club • father occupation!?



■ apology conference in inflated accounting by Toshiba, successive 3 president resignation

Inflated accounting cases executed by Toshiba top management has been extensively reported in the news.

Large companies • Toshiba which represents Japan is hard to believe that they had done such evil accounting fraud issue.
Succesive 3 President Tanaka Hisao president, Norio Sasaki Vice Chairman, Nishida Atsutoshi adviser President declared resignation.

Career of such Toshiba’s management is what we want to know! Therefore, I tried examined profile of former president Tanaka Hisao.


■ Tanaka Hisao former president career

Tanaka Hisao president who resigned Toshiba scandal will on earth what kind of person?

Tanaka Hisao president 1950/12/20 64-year-old.
was born in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture , and his sister was one of four and his parents.

His father in the local officials was almost out of home at weekends because he was busy, and he doesn’t have much memory that he had played too much with his father.
Therefore, his didn’t offend his father when they play occasionally.
Generous spirit of such his father had is legacy, after Mr. Tanaka has become a member of society, without compulsion to men, and he says that it has led to the “technique to think the answer on your own.”

He started to play guitar at Prefectural Hyogo high school days, with three friends and formed a folk song group , and also appeared in the local radio program.
And to Kobe shoka University while having an aim of becoming a professional musician, and they auditioned at Osaka.
However, they didn’t make thing done, and they quit their dream.
Also Tanaka in four years at the university, continued to play kung fu , and he had one side of the athlete.

And after graduation of Kobe shoka University, Mr. Tanaka has joined Toshiba in April 1973.
Mr. Tanaka likes Kansai district, especially since he loves Kobe, even since the beginning of the Toshiba seems to have thought that he remained Kansai district, but the assigned destination material part of the head office, it would be tearfully ended up leaving the Kansai district.

After that, through the Philippines, after it was stationed in the United Kingdom, procurement manager, PC production oversees Center, Managing Director, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, the Vice President, and he was appointed president in 2013.
(Here is a description of the whirlwind, but … (sweat))

And it will lead to this scandal.

Mr. Tanaka always has been saying, “We deny the past, what important things to think for zero-based”.

For this incident, but it has become the results to betray the public trust, in order to recover the large companies • Toshiba’s trust, the remaining employees have to work hard.



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